Saturday, 15 May 2010

Combining two photos

I have been writing recently about "trademark" photographs for may wedding photography and here is a distinct 6"x4" photo. As you can see it is the combination of two photosm which is a simple technique but very effective if you want to make your own "thank you" cards. They are easy to make and quite inexpensive. I even supply the photos without charge.

Like any photo manipulation, it is easy if you know how to do it. Well all I did for this is to crop the individual photos to 8"x 4" which just happens to be the same proportion as 4" x 3", and two 4" x 3"s make a 4" x 6". All the bride and groom have to do is guillotine an A4 card into two and stick one photo on the front and one on the back. Then write a few words inside the card. The more artistic you are then the more you can do with the card.

I started providing this type of photo because one bride and groom asked me to do this for them and then they gave me one of their cards. Since then I have received quite a few variations on this theme but even if the photos aren't used for a card, I quite like this size of photo anyway.

Happy snapping

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