Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Different wedding photography

This is another technique that makes my wedding photography. On the left is the original. I may have made the gravel tidier with photo manipulation. I can't remember now even though I only worked on it a couple of days ago. I worked on a few hundred photos. However the distinctive change is for monochrome (one click) and sepia with a vignette (a few more clicks).

These changes work for portraits and the main group photo as well as photos like this. The wedding car is an important part of the day and I took a similar photo outside Blackpool Town Hall. This photo may mean more to the couple because there are guests in the background. The bride and groom may prefer this photo. I can't let you decide as I only ask the two of them if I can use their photos. I don't ask all the guests. However there is another really important aspect that makes my wedding photography different from others. I give copyright away so you can decide cheaply and at leisure which you prefer.

Happy snapping

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