Monday, 24 May 2010

Better without a vignette

I like to get back to the evening reception so that I can take photos of the first dance and anything else that is going on like the 'genuine' cutting of the cake. I also like to take a framed enlargement as all the guests are amazed that I can put a photo in a frame so quickly. I didn't manage it on Saturday as the wedding was in Blackpool and I live in Morecambe, but at least they got this photo in a fridge magnet.

I used this image because the magnet is fairly small so I needed a distinct close-up. I also decided to use sepia because it shows that I modify my photos and it looks a bit more arty. I had also decided to use a vignette but look how the sunlight is falling on the groom's sleave. The vignette (white around the edges) looked strange so I went for the photo that you see on the right.

Happy snapping

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