Sunday, 14 March 2010

What are you looking at?

Here is another photo of my ever-willing model. There may be a criticism that I have not included the full face. I cropped it like this deliberately. I thought it looked better this way as all the attention is on the dog. There is no distracting background.

I used natural light. I often like to use flash in daylight as it reduces hard shadow as in this photo. However whenever I take a portrait I try to take one with flash and one without. Sometimes I prefer the former and sometimes the latter.

If you are ever asked about the difference between colour and monochrome then think of this photo. On the left your attention is directed towards the brown eye. In monochrome it is much easier to admire the texture of the fur or the skin on the nose. The main area of attention is totally changed by the conversion to monochrome.

Happy snapping.

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