Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lots of room for conjecture

So now that you can put your words into the mouth of Danielle from Brighton what will they be? The Tories support big business. Is Danielle a big business woman? Why has she never voted Tory before? Is it that she has voted for other parties before, as the Tories would like us to believe? Is it more likely that she has not voted for anyone?

Why should she think that the Tories would support society. I thought they wanted individuals to stand on their own two feet - you know, the opposite of society. Margaret Thatcher is famous for saying that there is no such thing as society, so I had to add these words to the poster on the left.

On the right I simply thought that it was an opportunity for Danielle to become famous. At the 1987 election I left a polling station and there was a television crew and a reporter outside. They asked me if I had changed the way that I had voted. I knew that if I said yes, I didn't vote for the sitting MP because he is rubbish then I might have been on TV. I couldn't do it. I simply said no and walked on. Maybe Danielle isn't too aware of Tory policy, maybe she hasn't voted for anyone before, maybe she genuinely believes in Tory policies to strengthen society, but there is a lot of room for conjecture.

Happy snapping

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