Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A monument and an excuse for a beer

In the centre of the photo on the left you can see Edinburgh's National Gallery Complex. The building right in the centre is the Royal Scottish Academy. Just to the right is the National Gallery of Scotland and it here that you can see Raeburn's 'skating minister'. I did get to see it. I also wanted a look at a Rembrandt self-portrait but this area was closed to the public. Still, I now have an excuse to go back.

Also in the photo is the Scott Monument. If you can't tell what it is then look at the photo on the right. Sir Walter Scott is celebrated as one of Scotland's finest writers. He was certainly celebrated in the literary pub tour. I can recommend this tour on a number of levels. You get an insight into many Scottish authors. You get to appreciate parts of Edinburgh that you would generally not even see, and I also managed to have a few beers.

Happy snapping

P.S. I was busy when I wrote this blog and didn't realise I had already used this particular landscape of Edinburgh - well I did take quite a few. I promise not to post it again.

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