Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spot the changes

If you are not sure where Scalestones Point is then go to Morecambe and drive along the prom. Pass Happy Mount Park and when you get to this statue called Venus and Cupid you are there - and here it is. The statue was originally designed for St George's Quay in Lancaster but it seems to fit in so much better in this location.

It looks like a mother playing with her child on the beach. The sculptor is Shane Johnstone who called it "Love, the most beautiful of absolute disasters", known locally as "Venus and Cupid". I am told that the sculpture is dedicated to those who are lost at sea.

As for the difference between the two photos - take another look and spot the differences. I'll post the answer as a comment.

Happy snapping

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  1. Sorry - there is only one change and that is the removal of the sign.