Monday, 22 March 2010

Stages of transformation

Yesterday I looked at how to fit a photo into a specific shape. The photo is distorted which may be to the advantage of the model if they want to be slimmer.

On the left I have removed the words. I couldn't find the correct font but I didn't think that it mattered that the exaggerated inverted commas were left in situ. Now the field is clear to do with it whatever you like. I am not greatly concerned that I am putting words into the mouth of Danielle from Brighton, firstly because in this context it is obvious that it is my work, it is a little like graffitti. Secondly I think words have already been put into her mouth. Tories aren't known for mending society. It might be easier to think of them as bringing back corporal and capital punishment or standing up for entrepreneurs by giving them huge tax breaks but my first thoughts are not that they search out and support the root causes of society's ills.

In fact if you ask Tories whether they prefer prisoners to be punished or to be rehabilitated I believe they would go for punishment. This doesn't mend a broken society, it is directly related to it. Previously I went into details as to how Julie from Llandudno shouldn't have been persuaded by Tory policies on the family. It is just not right that they are the party to support society. If you want to add a comment for Danielle then feel free to do so and see your words on the poster.

Happy snapping

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