Thursday, 11 March 2010

It doesn't look like Mel Gibson

These windows are to be found in St Margaret's Chapel in Edinburgh Castle. If you go to Edinburgh you have to visit the castle, primarily for its geographic dominance over the rest of the city. You also get a wonderful sense of history in the walls (and windows) of the castle as well as the artifacts like the Scottish Crown Jewels. And if that isn't enough, for one entrance fee to the castle you get to see many different buildings, exhibitions and museums.

These windows are works of art in their own right but the walls are wonders to behold. Built around 1130 it is the oldest building in Edinburgh. You obviously rely on ambient light because they are stained glass windows. You may take this type of photo without a tripod but for me this is one example of when you have to use one. Take a moment to look at each photo and you will see that St Columba is depicted on the left and Mel Gibson - I mean William Wallace is on the right. It doesn't much look like him though.

Happy snapping

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