Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A sacrifice on the altar of spontaneity

I know that I am often mentioning the improvements to be found by using a tripod, checking the composition of the photo and just taking your time. However you will never catch someone smiling that way. You will also find this an almost impossible photo to take as it was taken from the front of the top deck of a bus.

In a recent blog I wrote that it is possible to sacrifice quality on the altar of spontaneity and if you wanted this particular photo then you must be spontaneous. I did go to see the Sound of Music, and very good it was too. The only difference between the two photos is that the colour version has been converted to monochrome. This takes the emphasis off the colourful parts of the image e.g. the advert above the main doors.

For me the emphasis is moved away from the red and white barrier for the roadworks. It is obvious that the barrier needs to be clearly visible but in a photograph of the theatre I would prefer to emphasise the building. Monochrome certainly helps but even better would be to take the photo again when the roadworks have gone.

Happy snapping

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