Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ripe for parody

I saw this poster yesterday and it gave me another opportunity to combine my photography and politics blogs. The poster told me that one person was voting Conservative because of their plans to help families. I am not sure whether this is the case or not. It is advertising after all. I don't know if the Tories had to find a 'genuine' voter but this one looks just right for a poster campaign. I don't think much airbrushing was needed and she has been amended much less than David Cameron was in his poster.

I wasn't convinced that this voter had arrived at a balanced view comparing one party's policies with another. Is Julie from Llandudno politically aware? Is this Julie from Llandudno? Does she know the details of all the parties? I buy all the manifestos before general elections and compare them. How has Julie managed to come to this conclusion even before the manifestos have been published?

The point here is that the Conservatives are not trying to put over policy. We are just as ignorant after reading the poster. Image is much more important than substance for them, and image is certainly helped by some airbrushing. Obviously there are a lot less changes to this photo than were made to that of David Cameron, but it remains ripe for parody.

Happy snapping

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