Monday, 1 March 2010

More use of the tripod

You use a tripod if you want to take a photo of the ambient light. Use a tripod if you want the best possible photo as you may want to enlarge it significantly and camera shake will limit your ability to do this. I've shown you some photos of views to the horizon. Use a tripod if you want to see detail. In fact you will always get a better photo but you lose spontaneity. Most of the time taking photos without a tripod and with flash is fine so you may sacrifice quality on the altar of spontaneity (I wrote that).

The window on the left is to be found in St Margaret's Chapel in Edinburgh Castle. The coats of arms are the last thing you see in the Royal Palace before you are told that you can't take any more photographs. I found this a little strange because light from a flash will affect the colour in the fabric. Needless to say I used ambient light.

Happy snapping

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