Saturday, 27 March 2010

Avoiding converging verticals

Here are two photos from a pre-wedding meeting on Thursday. You may have already guessed that we are in Blackpool as the Town Hall is in the background. The advantage for the photo on the left is that there are no converging verticals. On the right the verticals are moving towards each other in just the same way that a path gets smaller as it goes into the distance. This happens if you are too close to a tall subject. The eye accomodates for this but cameras don't think about amendments unless they are told. I can amend the verticals on the computer but this was only a meeting to see where photos may be taken. The disadvantage with the photo on the left is that there are more distractions. The fence is a significant part of the photo but I think there is a better balance to the photo on the left.

Unusually in this blog, I am only demonstrating one point on avoiding converging verticals. Over the next few days I will show you a closer look of the Town Hall and we will see some other sites in Blackpool. The reception is in a country hotel and you will also get to see some photos taken there.

Happy snapping

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