Friday, 12 March 2010


On the way back from Edinburgh I wanted to see Lindisfarne. I had not seen it before and didn't realise that the causeway was three miles long. I was on a long journey already but I did manage to get these photos while I had a cup of coffee. I did drive to the three miles to the car park only to realise that I didn't have time to make a full visit. I would really need to have a few more hours to spare to make the trip worthwhile.

The photo on the right is an amended version of the photo on the left. If you like it then that's good. If you don't then it doesn't matter as it is the same photo. The cafe was very nice and this was my view while I was drinking. I have mentioned that a tripod should be used if you want the best possible photo, if you are zooming in a lot, if your subject is at a distance, or if you are taking a photo at night. In this case a coffee table served as a tripod.

Happy snapping

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