Monday, 18 October 2010

Two of the four versions

I always look for plain walls when I am taking portraits.
Backgrounds are really important to tell you the story of the day but portraits can be really effective without distractions.

If you take one or two steps away from the wall then you don't get the wall in sharp focus and you don't get a harsh shadow. More important to avoid the harsh shadow is direct the flash to the ceiling. You still get a shadow but as the light has moved further and bounced then it is not as harsh. It also mimics where you would expect shadows from the sun or from a light from the ceiling.

The photo on the left is a simple cropping and the conversion on the right is also one click to monochrome. I also amended this photo to sepia with a vignette and I kept the flowers in colour with the rest of the photo in monochrome - but I can only show you two photos on the blog.

Happy snapping

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