Thursday, 21 October 2010

Photo of bridesmaids

This is unusual for one of my photography blogs, but today you see the bridesmaids as well as the bride. Normally I only ask brides and grooms for permission to put them on the blog and gallery, but I wanted to show you these photos because there was a ready-made photo set in the hotel which even included the bunch of grapes.

I like to make changes in photos and I also like nobody to know that I have made changes. I'll give you an example. In the bottom left of these photos you can see a mark on the skirting board on the left, but not on the right. As I tend to give hundreds of photos back to the bride and groom I only have a certain amount of time on each photo. With more time I would have taken out the curtain on the left. It is a distraction from the main subjects. However if this was a photo that was wanted for an enlargement I would happily spend more time working on it.

Happy snapping

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