Saturday, 2 October 2010

Common variations on a theme

There are a few themes to my wedding photography. I like to take as many portraits as I can. Anyone who is ready from the shoulders up gets their photograph taken against a plain background during the preparations. They are then converted to monochrome and sepia with a vignette.

Apart from the usual signing of the register, walking down the aisle type photos and first dance photos, I also like to put white vignettes around close-ups of the rings, flowers, dress etc. I also take weeds out of lawns and I improve the tarmac by repairing it and I often take out white lines. Well the council can't afford repairs so I'd better do it for them.

These two photos show another common theme of my wedding photography - putting photos on photos. On the left it is not two for the price of one but six for this price.

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