Thursday, 28 October 2010

Heysham erosion

Yesterday I moved a few yards away from the photos from the previous blog. I have moved a few more yards today and I am standing near the ruins of St Patrick's chapel. I have already shown you the Viking graves on the right but not from this angle. Turn ninety degrees to the left and you get the view on the left.

I have only lived in Morecambe since 2003 but I have seen old photos and people have told me that a lot of erosion has gone on in recent years. In one photo you see an archway which went a few years ago. Even just looking at this photo you can see how quickly the erosion is taking place. I have been told that it is not that long ago that you could walk around the graves. Now the graves form a cliff face and there is quite a large fissure in them. It makes you wonder how long they will be there.

Happy snapping.

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