Wednesday, 20 October 2010

As promised...

I promised these photos yesterday so here is the photo of the confetti balloon exploding. The evidence for the cause of the explosion (the stick) is in both of the photos. See if you can find it.

This couple were married abroad and these photos were taken on Saturday. I like to get photos on the blog at once. Some of these photos are now on the gallery page of but I want to tell you that this couple have now received the gold package. This includes a CDRom with over 300 photos of 6"x 4" photos (and it was only an evening reception), two albums with all these photos printed out, a CDRom with 8"x 6" photos and a DVD - and this was on Tuesday!

As well as handing over the photos I also got permission to show you photos of the bridesmaids. I'll show you why I asked tomorrow.

Happy snapping

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