Saturday, 23 October 2010

And two of the groom

I have shown a few photos of the bride without the groom so here are a couple of the groom. Usually brides take longer to get ready so I go to see the groom first. As you can see on the left, he wasn't quite ready. My first photo was the jacket hung up. He did ask if I wanted to take a photo of the full suit but I was quite happy to take the jacket only as he was already wearing the trousers. I made sure that you could see them in the photo on the left.

This was not a full wedding. It was the evening reception only as they had married in Cuba, hence the cigar on the right. The photo on the left was almost the first that I took and the photo on the right was almost the last. In between these two I did manage to hand over more than 300 photos and it was just the evening reception.

Happy snapping

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