Friday, 6 March 2009

Wedding Group Photo

Probably the hardest photo to take on a wedding day is the main group photo. Where is the best place to take the photo? What is the best way to make sure that you get everyone in the photo? How do you make sure that everyone is watching you?

I always like to to 'case the joint' with the bride and groom. After all it is their day and even if you have taken photos at that venue before, they should have the say on where they want their photos. I do give advice which is often taken but they are in charge. As to the best place, I like steps and I like natural slopes. I also like backgrounds that are not distracting, so preferably there will be no reason for other people to be walking behind the main group. Photos can be taken looking down at the group and these photos are often very effective, but I generally prefer looking slightly up at the group.

Have you noticed how the two people on the end of the group are often the most obvious? It doens't matter how big the group is. If the people on the ends turn slightly inwards then it gives the group photo a finished look and directs the viewer into the photo.

Happy snapping

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