Wednesday, 25 March 2009

No need for bathroom conversions

I have been taking photos since I was a teenager in the 1970s. I had my own darkroom. Well it was normally called the bathroom but my dad made some boards for the windows and boards for over the bath to work on. You were allowed to work in red light when dealing with black and white, but colour processing needed absolute darkness. I didn't have the facilities for colour and it was expensive.

Nowadays photography is so much simpler. Everyone works in colour and changes to black and white if they want to. There is no need to convert a bathroom, to work bent double over the bath, to have continuous running water and then to peg out the pictures to dry on your ‘washing line’.
Printing is so cheap now that you can have your photos (or works of art) hung on your walls, printed on canvas or printed on any number of objects. My personal preference is to put them on DVD. It is cheap, stores the photos well and they can be seen very conveniently. We have come a long way from converted bathrooms.

Happy snapping

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