Thursday, 19 March 2009

Crop the art work

The sensor on my Olympus camera takes photos that are 8x6. This is exactly the same as 4x3 but if it helps to think in terms of printed pictures then you often get 8"x 6" photos, so you can get an idea of the proportions of my sensor. However photos are not always this shape. I don't think that the path and the lawns are too important to this photo so I have cropped them out. The proportions of these two photos are 2:1 but you may like to think of them as a photo size, say 12"x 6".

The first photo is simply a cropped version of the sepia picture seen in the last blog, with an increased contrast and decreased brightness. I could have cropped it a little more but I wanted to include the flagpole. It may have improved the photo if I had used the clone tool and taken the pole out. For the final photo in this series I have obviously changed the colour, and I have also increased the contrast and decreased the brightness again. For good measure I added a signature. What was a fairly average picture of a building is now a work of art (if you like Warhol's kind of art).

There are so many artistic effects that are available with most software that it would take years to blog my way through them. I'll leave that for you to investigate.

Happy snapping.

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