Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I am sure that everyone has seen red-eye on photos. I have seen it many times on television when a photo is shown of someone in the news and a recent photograph is used. I don't have an example of red-eye to show you. This doesn't mean that I don't take any photos with red-eye, it just means that whenever I see it I change it immediately back to normal. Even the most basic software packages have a red-eye tool for removing this effect.

It may well be that red-eye is more common in poorly lit situations. It may be related to the size of the pupil, and light reflected from the fundus at the back of the eye, and it may be related to how close the flash is to the lens. You may see some photographers with their flash on an extension bar. Really there is no need to go to these lengths. On the occasions that you will be unfortunate and get red-eye just press a button on the computer and it is gone.

Happy snapping

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