Sunday, 22 March 2009

Changing brightness

If your photo is too dark or too bright this is called under or overexposure. In the past you would get a sticker on your photograph from the printer who told you to improve your technique. Now there is no need to despair. That wonderful photograph can be saved. I took one photo of a bride in a room and the flash didn't go off. I took it again and this was the photo that they were given but the first one was fine as well after I had been on the computer.

There are photographs everywhere but we tend to walk past them and not think artistically. Look at cinema adverts or any adverts for that matter. I am thinking of the 'atmospheric' low key street lights for film noir. I like night photography which changes the scene completely. One change that I like to do is take a street scene and then darken the street light. The brightness of the light is obviously much greater because it is lighting the whole street. You could crop a particulary bright light out of the photo, but you could also adjust the lighting just around the lamp.

Happy snapping

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