Thursday, 12 March 2009

All weather photography

There is so much you can do with very basic digital equipment. This photograph was taken on a dull cold day. It was windy as well which was good for sailing but the lighting wasn't brilliant for photographs. In fact I had not gone out to take photos and I didn't have an SLR with me. I did have a small compact camera and with the wind blowing I didn't know if camera shake on the prom would be too significant. I found a little bit of shelter which helped me because it really was windy.

I took this photo fairly close to where I took the Bare photograph (see 10th March). The sailing boats were in the distance and I was concerned about using too much zoom because this exagerates any shake. Even with the zoom I had to crop the picture. At home I digitally manipulated the photo by cropping, bringing out the colour and increasing the contrast. So even on the worst days you may find that you can take a good photo.

Happy snapping

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