Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Invasion of privacy

I am listening to the news on Thursday 19th March and one particular article is about Google photographing the streets of England in their scheme called 'street view'. There are issues of invasion of privacy and Google have agreed to blur faces and registration plates of vehicles because of the privacy issue. Some people are appalled at the prospect of having their house photographed.

Another article on the North West news was about someone who was asked to stop filming at Macclesfield railway station. It is private property and you have to ask permission but he was told to stop filming for security reasons. What is the world coming to? What is the security risk? It is irritating to hear such nonsense. We are becoming a country of little Hitlers.

If it is an invasion of privacy to take a photograph in the street then it may be against the law to look into the street. Macclesfield Railway Station may be private property but it is not a private area. Where does the 'buck stop'? Is it National Rail, or the regulatory body which is the Dept of Transport, or is it someone with a uniform at the station? Whoever it is I fear for our future because I may be arrested there 'for security reasons' because I have a good memory. Despite this...

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