Friday, 20 March 2009

Black and White and Sepia

So the path has been tidied and the weeds have been removed. What else can you do? Well the simplest method of manipulating a photo is to convert it to black and white. How you do this depends on your software and there is usually more than one way to do anything on a computer. In this case I just clicked on desaturate. This immediately takes the emphasis off the lawn and puts the emphasis on the building.

I have been on the guided tour of the town hall and I remember that the sunken gardens were initially the site for the building. The excavations took place for the foundations but the land near the sea was too sandy, hence the foundations became the sunken gardens. One more click on the computer takes black and white to sepia. In fact it takes two clicks because I had to add some red and then some yellow. Whether this is a good move or not is down to personal preference, but I like sepia.

Happy snapping.

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