Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What would David Bailey say?

A couple of days ago I was asked about a camera. Was it a good one to buy? Well many of these blogs tell you what to look for when you buy a camera. In the few moments that I had I mentioned the large screen at the back. This helps you see what you are taking so that's fairly important. It had 12 megapixels which is great. It was half price which is brilliant but the most important piece of advice that I gave was asking whether she liked the camera. Choosing a camera is a bit like choosing a car. What makes you choose a Renault or Nissan or any other make? Whether you like a car or not very often depends on image. Maybe you like cars that turn into dancing robots or celebrity endorsement may be your thing. I work with Olympus cameras because I thought they had the best specifications for the money, but I do think that I am David Bailey (I hope that you remember the advert).

I like quiet shutters so people don't know you have taken photos even when there is not much noise. I like the option of using manual focus even though I mostly use the automatic setting. I like to use an external flash gun rather than the camera's internal flash because they give out more light. I rarely use a long lens but it is nice to have the option of interchangeable lenses. You will have read recently that I like to use the timer so for me a camera should have timer options, preferably two, one that is quick, just so you don't get camera shake from pressing the shutter, and one that gives you time to get into the photo. I also have a remote shutter button and that's a nice option. I think tripods are great, but whther it is a camera or any of the accessories, you can't get away from the basic rule of thumb which is the more you pay the more you get.

Happy snapping

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