Monday, 21 December 2009

The kindness of the photographer

I am going to continue with the theme of being kind to the subject of the portrait. There are many ways that a photographer can be kind. It is a cliche but people do have better sides and just by taking the photo from that side can mean a lot to that person.

Have a friend sit still and walk round them. Even better, take photos of them from all different angles. Then notice how prominent the nose becomes once it is part of a silhouette. Of course the nose is at its most prominent in profile. So the general rule is to take portraits without the nose becoming part of the silhouette. In a similar fashion a profile of the abdomen may not be flattering even with a small paunch.

Perhaps the easiest way of being kind is to take photos of the better facial expressions and the easiest way for this is to let the person know when you are going to take the photo. Sometimes the best photos are candid. In my experience a lot of candid photos don't work but when they do work then they are great photos.

Happy snapping

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