Saturday, 19 December 2009

It is worth adding a suffix

Following on from yesterday's blog, I turned slightly to the left to take this photo of houses on Lancaster quay. By taking this photo at night you get little sense of the river Lune. Whether you look at the photo on the left or the right you only get a glimpse of water. In fact all you can see is a little reflection on the water.

When I crop photos I label them with the cropping that I have used. For example, if the proportions are 6 x 4 then the photo has the suffix -6x4 and this is the proportion used on the left. However at night there is little or no interest in the sky and little or no interest in any unlit area. the subject has to be lit and by the river the photos tend to be more like the proportions of a letterbox. The photo on the right has been labelled -6x3. The numbers are arbitrary as all it means is that the width is twice the height.

Happy snapping

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