Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Take your pick

Today I thought that I would take another look at Hornby Castle. You have seen the photo on the right in an earlier blog but compare it with the photo on the left. There is no inkling that there is a river on the left but you do get a much better view of the woodland.

Both photos have the castle as the main theme and both use the rule of thirds and there is the castle as the main subject. I prefer the photo on the left because I like the main subject to intersect in the thirds on the right of a photo. This is because the eye usually looks at a photo like it is reading a book and looks from left to right. This means that we are lead into the photo if the interest is on the right.. I also like the lush view that you see before you get to the castle.

I previously used the photo on the right because I had to set the scene for the photo of the fish jumping upstream. However without the river the photo is less cluttered so if I had to choose my preference it would be the one on the left.

Happy snapping

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