Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Effect of Snow at Night

I told you it was unusual to get snow in Morecambe so here is another photo. This time it is the side of my house. It is snowing and I was walking the dog as well so I didn't carry a tripod. I sat the camera on my neighbour's wall and cropped it twice on the computer. Otherwise no changes have been made to this photo.

You can see a little part of the wall on the left and you can also see how snow has fallen on everywhere including the ungritted road. The subject of this photo should not be interesting. It is the side of a house. However the snow makes it interesting. It was really strange to see how light everything was. Light was reflected by the snow on the floor, on the house, by the snow that was falling and by the light reflected in the clouds. It was like it was daylight but it was after 10pm. So look out for mundane subjects which may not be mundane given the right circumstances.

Happy snapping

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