Friday, 11 December 2009

Walk the dog and take photos

There are many opportunities to take photographs. A few days ago I took these photos while I was walking the dog and the photo on the left is the side of my house. Everything looks different at night so much so that if you asked a child to draw their house at night you would have to start with a black piece of paper and a light coloured pencil. You just wouldn't draw a house without a roof but you do have to imagine it on the left. As usual I didn't take my tripod but their are many flat places to take photos. My neighbour's wall is flat. A tripod would have given me my choice of viewpoint for the house but I couldn't walk the dog and carry a tripod with me. I have cropped the photo but I have made no other changes on the computer.

The photo on the right is The Shrimp roundabout in Morecambe and the pub called The Shrimp is behind me. The wall belonging to The Shrimp is not quite flat so I had to crop and change the angle of this photo. I was tempted to get rid of the road markings but it is not for a poster. If it was a commission there is no doubt that my tripod would have been used, you would have seen the full sign of the house and photos would have taken from many angles.

Happy snapping

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