Thursday, 10 December 2009

Verticals are rarely vertical

I took these photos last week. We had fine weather and it really makes a difference to the photos. On the left we have Nazareth House. I work here part-time and I have never worked in a nicer building. The problem is that you can't stand back and take a good photo from the front of the building because of all the trees. It is easier in winter so I will take another look in the near future.

When I was driving home I passed the site of the former Kingsway baths in Lancaster. Love it or hate it these apartments are certainly distinctive. I wrote a blog on the 7th October about the view of Lancaster from the north. These apartments are really distinctive from miles away and it is interesting to compare the view from a distance with the view from a couple of hundred yards.

As for any manipulations, I have cropped both photos and the only other thing I did was to correct the converging verticals on the left. Looking at the photo now you would think that no correction has been made because the eye accomodates and thinks the verticals are vertical. Take a look at any building and verticals are rarely vertical. I haven't amended the photo on the right. Converging verticals are less obvious because of the distance that I took the photo. However you can see a little convergence. If you are not sure what this means then take a look at the left and right sides of the building. They are leaning slightly towards each other.

Happy snapping

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