Saturday, 25 September 2010

Yesterday's wedding

This is a photo from yesterday's wedding. It was a lovely day apart from the breeze. I generally don't mind a breeze because it means that the veil may lift a little and look better on photos. The problem yesterday was that at times it was difficult to walk and just wearing a veil had its difficulties. We had to modify our plans, but at least the bride and groom had some shelter in this photo.

I like this photo because there is nothing to age it. The church is St Peter's in Heysham, an historic church which is quite beautiful. This couple will get a monochrome version as well as one in sepia without the vignette that you see on the right. The image on the right looks like it could have been taken a century ago. I use vignettes to focus attention on the subject of the photo. It serves a second purpose and makes the photo look like it has faded. It could be one hundred years ago because of manipulation and because of subject.

Happy snapping

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