Monday, 13 September 2010

The celebration continues

You saw this view on the 28th August at the pre-wedding meeting. We were looking for the place for the main group photos and we chose this background. You didn't see the car which is a 1928 Rolls Royce but you did see the markings on the road. I much prefer roads without white paint and it is at least a third of this photo.

As for the amendments, I thought that the bright colours of the car should be put against a monochrome background and I also knew that they liked high contrast photos. They will get the usual colour photo, a totally monochrome version and I also amended it to a sepia version with a white vignette. It would take too many blogs to show you all the variations.

I am posting this blog at just after midnight and I presume the celebrations are still going on. I was there a couple of hours ago taking photos of the first dance and anything else that was happening. I haven't seen all the photos yet and I am looking forward to working on them all.

Happy snapping

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