Sunday, 12 September 2010

Two of Lancaster Cathedral 's Windows

I took advantage of the heritage open day yesterday (there are more things going on today) and I visited Lancaster Cathedral. I thought that I would be writing about the view from the top of the 240ft tower and I did take plenty of photos, but I chose these photos. On the left you see St Thomas More. There is nothing unusual about this as he is a fairly popular saint. What is much more surprising is to find a window depicting Henry VIII which you see on the right.

I went on the guided tour and heard about the triptych that hides the stained glass windows behind the high altar. It seems that nobody took a photo of these windows when they had the chance. Well it made me wonder if photographic manipulations could allow you to see the windows in all their glory. The windows that you can see here don't actually look like this unless you are 20ft in the air. Henry is partially occluded but from where I took the photos the verticals were definitely not vertical.

Happy snapping

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