Monday, 6 September 2010

Comparing fridge magnets

Yesterday I wrote that I would show you the photo on the left in a couple of days. This is because I took photos at two weddings this weekend and I usually alternate the weddings on the blog, but today I want you to compare and contrast (sounds like a GCSE question) the two photos that I chose for the fridge magnets.

Both are close-ups as fridge magnets are small. Both have the bride and groom at almost 90 degrees to each other, but on the left we get the side view of the groom and on the right it is the bride. Both photos work and if it says anything it says there are no rules when it comes to poses. I have heard something about the groom having his sword hand free coming down the aisle but this is definitely not a strict rule. As for where they stand after the ceremony, it really doesn't matter to me. It is one thing less to think about and one more reason to relax. Now that's the important thing with photos.

Happy snapping

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