Saturday, 4 September 2010

Return to Sawley Abbey

I usually get back to the evening reception with fridge magnets and an enlargement. I didn't get back tonight so these gifts will have to be picked up with all the photos. I like to get back on the same day as the guests get to see a photo and they are surprised that one is printed so quickly.

The photo on the left is a 10"x 8". On the right it is the more usual 6"x 4". I don't get long to choose the photos but I do have more time now. I wanted to work on a few photos for this blog so at the moment the photo on the left has a very good chance of being the enlargement, and even though the photo on the right is not just head and shoulders, I may well choose this for the fridge magnets because Sawley Abbey is visible. You may have seen this Abbey on the blog for the pre-wedding meeting at the start of August.

Happy snapping

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