Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tripods may not get in the way

Yesterday the photo of King's College Chapel from the backs was taken with a tripod. College rules state that no tripods are allowed in the grounds and this may be because tripods can be a nuisance in crowded areas. I don't think this is the reason for the ban at King's College on the left or at St John's college on the right. I did take a lot more photos and generally there were no crowds. Generally there were no people. Perhaps the grounds get crowded in the summer months.

An alternative reason for the tripod ban is that the colleges are concerned about photographic copyright. Photographers may wish to use their images for commercial purposes. The problem with this is that the colleges have ridden roughshod over the views of thousands of keen amateur photographers who simply want to take the best possible photos.

It was a bright sunny day and most of my photos were fine for most purposes commercial or otherwise. I know it is not ideal but I took the photo on the left from the top deck of a moving bus. The photo on the right was also not taken with a tripod but at least I was stood on my own two feet.

Happy snapping

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