Sunday, 18 April 2010

Think about frame size

This photo is taken from a wedding on Friday. I chose it because when I go home during the meal, I pick a photo, print it and put it in a fridge magnet which is 9cm x 6cm. This just happens to be the same dimensions as 6" x 4". The image has to be fairly distinct because it is a small fridge magnet. It just happens to be my favourite background of Morecambe Bay and it just so happens that the hotel for the wedding was across the road.

I printed out both photos. On the right I put a border around it because I had used a vignette. If I had to cut out the photo I needed to know where to cut. It looks quite nice with a border but when I get it professionally printed you don't see the border because it is an increase size of print.

It is unusual to hold the flowers so high, but when you are dealing with this proportion of print it fits the frame a lot better if the flowers are held like this. It might seem strange in practice but it looks really good.

Happy snapping

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