Monday, 5 April 2010

A 6"x 4" variation

Here is one variation of the 6"x 4" theme. I try to get back to the evening reception with a framed enlargement because all the guests are impressed that I can get a photo printed so quickly. I am sure that word of mouth is the best advertising so an enlargement does no harm at all. I also go back with fridge magnets for the bride and groom as well as two for the two sets of parents. I used the same photo but these magnets are much smaller. They are 9cm x 6cm which happens to be the same proportion as 6"x 4" photos. As the fridge magnmets are smaller I have cropped it much tighter so that you can see the faces.

Compare this photo with yesterday's blog and you will see the difference. I also produced other variations for them like monochrome and sepia but I thought the colour version was the best. There are two other changes on the right. I like vignettes. They are easy to add into the photograph and I think they transform it. The second change is to add a black border and the reason for this is simple. I need to know where to cut the photo so that it will fit into the fridge magnet. In fact, if you print this commercially you don't see the black border because I have increased the size of the image with the border.

Happy snapping

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