Thursday, 1 April 2010

Can you find the join?

I was looking at backgrounds and there is nothing wrong with taking photos from all angles. As you saw two days ago, sometimes the view is better on the computer than you think it will be when you see it in reality.

Here the venue for the reception is in the background. The typical photos are taken at the front door (and this was taken) but here I was looking for the difference that a couple of steps of running makes to facial expressions. The expressions are fine on the left, but look what happens with those two steps on the right.

It is only a rehearsal, but I was a little quick to take the running photo. I didn't quite get the chimneys in the frame. Now I could have spent some time and copied them from the photo on the left. Call me lazy but it was only the rehearsal and it was easier just to remove them. I did copy the sky and everything above the chimneys is a copy. See if you can find the join.

Happy snapping

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