Friday, 2 April 2010

Blackpool's Mirror Ball

I mentioned landmarks on Sunday and here is another. I worked in Blackpool over ten years ago but the mirror ball came along in 2002. I know that this is a whole 8 years ago but I hadn't seen it before. I have been to Blackpool in this time but never to this area. The mirror is visible for miles from the air, and I understand that the interesting thing about it is the way that the mirror reflects the light onto the ground. Just out of interest its official title is "they shoot horses don't they" after the 1960'2 film starring Jane Fonda and Michael Sarrazin. I saw the play at the Contact Theatre in Manchester which starred Graham Fellows (Jilted John). Perhaps he is now more famous for his character John Shuttleworth. Even with this extensive knowledge of the story, I can't see the link with the mirror ball.

The mirror is not like the one seen in Nottingham in the blog on the 9th March. There is a reflection in the mirror but it is not distinct. I am sure that the three of us are in the picture somewhere but it is not obvious. It would be nice if the sun is shining on the wedding day and then we will see the effects of the reflections. Just a few yards away is a more typical Blackpool background. These photos were only taken a few yards away from each other but the backgrounds are certainly quite different.

Happy snapping

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