Tuesday, 13 April 2010

King's College Chapel

Yesterday you saw the view from the top of Great St Mary's to the east. On the left is the much more famous view to the west. There are difficulties in getting the perfect shot at the top of the tower as you are protected from a fall by a strong mesh. There are small gaps to take photos but this is the best photo of King's College Chapel that I could take. If I had a pair of stepladders then I would have a better composition but I'll settle for what I got on health and safety grounds.

If you like your architecture gothic and late then this is the building for you. In fact the view from the Backs is much more popular because you can get a better composition. It is interesting to note that I took this photo on the path outside the grounds and I used a tripod. However if I had entered the grounds I would not have been allowed to use the tripod. As regular readers will know, I advocate their use whenever possible but they can be a nuisance in crowded areas. If you hold a camera the quality of the image is adversely affected. In this sort of light it is not too bad but the quality will improve with a tripod and by using the self-timer. I wonder where the crowds were on this day.

Happy snapping.

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