Saturday, 21 February 2009

Wedding Photography

I enjoy wedding photography and the preparations for the big day start with a framework based around the wishes of the bride and groom. In general everyone is prepared to have their photograph taken so it is a great time to take portraits and group photos.

Most wedding photographers charge extra for the prints. I decided very early on that I did not want to add pressure to the day by charging for prints. I have seen photographers deliberately break up poses so that no other photographers can take that photo. They feel that if someone else has the photo then they will make less money. I actually welcome the guests taking photos because it makes their day and I have already been paid for my service.

There is another reason why I don't mind guests taking photos, and that is because I work on all the photos. There are no weeds in my lawn. Any guest can take a photo of the first dance, but I give a gentle blurring effect to the background as not everyone is concentrating on the bride and groom. With my photos you can imagine that everyone is spellbound by the dancers.

Happy snapping

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