Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wedding photography - manipulation

I really don't mind guests taking their own photos when I am the main photographer. The guests want to record their memories of the day. They may even have the skills to produce a gift for the bride and groom. The really important thing is to get happy smiling expressions. It doesn't delay the photography.

Take a look at the secrets page on my website at to see the original of this photo and for more examples of photo manipulation. This is a very nice photo of the bride and groom with the church in the background. In the original I managed to also capture a couple of photographers in the bottom corner of the picture and one photographer who was moving quickly to get his photo. I did wait for him and I manipulated my photo to remove these people. I also had to tidy the church grounds and I find that commonly I will be removing weeds from the lawn. The couple received the adapted photo in colour and black and white, and also my preference which was a sepia version with a vignette because the grass looks a little dry and you can't see that in sepia.

Happy snapping

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