Monday, 2 February 2009

Tripods help

There is a very simple test that you can carry out to see how your photography can be improved. All you need is a basic tripod and even if you haven't got a tripod you can still take part. Take a photo. It can be any photo - a local building, your house, a landscape, or even the wall opposite you in your living room, but for this test it is best to take something that isn't going to move. If you don't have a tripod then take a photo from a place where you can put your camera down, like a chair or a table.

Once you have taken your photo take it again but this time with the tripod. Enlarge both photo to their maximum and even with the screen on the camera, the chances are that you will see the improvement with the tripod. If you want an even better quality of photo put your camera on timer and then their will be no camera shake at all.

Tripods don't have to be expensive, the more you pay the sturdier the tripod. I would look for one that has a spirit level but mine is not expensive. I tend to take photos in nice weather with very little breeze so my tripod is good enough.

Happy snapping

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