Sunday, 1 February 2009

Eric Morecambe and composition

When taking a photo of a person be aware of the background. The wonderful view of the sea will set the scene and it is a fine picture. Now follow the line of the horizon and see if it cuts through the head of your subject. Does this affect the picture? Can you change the perspective by standing on a step or by kneeling?

There are some pictures that you cannot take because the physical geography will not let you. Take the Eric Morecambe statue in Morecambe. If you step back a couple of yards then you have to go down steps, so any photo from a distance will be looking up at the statue. Now you will not get the horizon cutting through Eric's head but it will still be there even if it is at his ankles. I have known photographers take step ladders with them. This is not an easy answer but you might get the photo that you want.

I know that many photographers do think about composition and will change the camera position slightly at the last moment but they keep their feet still. They end up like a contortionist and this does not help camera shake. The answer to this is fairly easy - take a step to the side.

Happy snapping

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